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Zeus Lightning Rods installs high quality lightning protection systems on both Residential and Commercial properties. Systems can be installed on exsisting structures or built-in during the construction process. 

A properly designed and installed lightning protection system will protect lives and property against lightning damage. Such a system is designed to safely carry lightning currents without damage to the protected structure. 

What Is A Lightning Protection System?

A lightning protection system consists of numerous components that are constructed from highly-conductive copper or aluminum alloys. These components are designed and manufactured in accordance with UL standards and meet or exceed the material requirements of NFPA Standard 780.

The system consists of Five elements that work together to protect a structure from lightning damage. They are:

  • Air Terminals (lightning rods)
  • Conductors (special braided metal cables)
  • Bonding Connections to Metallic Bodies within the Structure
  • Ground Terminations
  • Surge Suppression

It is imperative that each of these elements is properly designed and installed to ensure effective protection. Additionally, all of the materials in a lightning protection system must be compatible with all of the metals in a structure.

Modern lightning protection systems should be designed with the aesthetics of a structure in mind, so that the system blends with the style of a structure, making the system practically undetectable from the ground.

While lightning is a natural fact of life, our business is making buildings safe from the potentially devastating reality of a single bolt.

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